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Single Farm users (eg. private grower or farm owner): we will create a single farm to hold all your fields, samples and recommendations.
Multiple Farm users (eg. agronomist, agent or distributor): you can create any number of farms, and must choose one of these farms when submitting a sample.
You can change your role at any time.
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Students may be eligible for a trial AgPro Tools subscription to assist with your education. You must subscribe using a valid email address from your institution.
Advisors and Consultant Groups

If you choose to share your farm data with an advisor, they will have access to your farm and sample data, and you can request product recommendations and other services. Multiple Farm users can nominate a different advisor for each farm.

You can revoke access to your farm data or choose a different advisor at any time.

If you are an advisor or manager who works for an organisation listed here, we will send an email notification to the lead advisor to confirm your access.

If you would like to register a new Advisory Consultant Group with AgPro, please include details below and we will contact you after registration.

Other Information

We may be able to integrate, share or import data from your existing software and data partners